DC’s 9:30 Club Reopens with Foo Fighters Show + Announcement of New Venue

After being closed for 18 months, Washington DC’s 9:30 Club reopened this week with a Foo Fighter’s concert. The Foo Fighter’s front man, Dave Grohl, is from the DC area. Grohl reminisced a bit about the old 9:30 Club, which was much smaller than the current venue, then announced that construction of a replica of that original version of the club is in the works. The new venue will be located behind the current 9:30 Club, in a space formerly occupied by the Satellite Room. 

No news on when that new venue is expected to open. In the mean time, the newly-reopened 9:30 Club has a full slate of upcoming concerts scheduled.  According to a notice at the venue website, concert attendees will need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test until October 17. After October 17, only patrons who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to attend. 


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